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Honeymoon in Switzerland

Switzerland is perfect for after wedding celebrations. Honeymoon is a important occasion for both the bride and groom and is considered a primary phase of the newly wed couple. An ideal romantic honeymoon vacation would be a great way to start your married life. A good location can certainly increase the excitement that one dreams of.

Switzerland also known as heaven on earth is one of the most popular honeymoon destination. The combination of German, French and Italian culture has formed a unique national flavor. The Alpine landscapes hold enough dynamism to make your trip extra ordinary. The untamed beauty of the Alps will make your dream holiday a reality. It offers a great range from palm lined lakes to snowcapped peaks. For those of looking for a great romantic holiday, this is the right place to be.

Zurich is among the largest and most beautiful cities of Switzerland. The great club and bars makes it a romantic place for night outs. Another popular romantic location of Switzerland is Mt. Titlis. You may also go for vacation resort situated at the base of Mt. Titlis. For adventure lovers this is an ideal place to be. You may go for bungee jumping, river rafting and pony riding. Another great honeymoon destination in Switzerland is Jungfraujoch which is a small village and offers cool accommodations for couples.

The pristine lakes, snow-covered alps, alpine villages or fields of edelweiss make it a wonderful tour location. A chocolate retreat apart from the natural landscapes is an amazing place for a honeymoon. The lakes along with ski resorts, the pre-Alps and Jura togather with beautiful slopes of Zermatt give it a great scenery and nightlife.

With 50,000 km of designated pavements and regular refreshments stops en route, makes hiking the most popular activity here. Zermatt is the well-renowned destination for mountaineers as it has many famous mountaineering schools. Ski Mountaineering is also very popular in the Haute Route in Valais.Other major activities that you can take part in are Para gliding, hang gliding, water skiing, sailing and windsurfing . River Rafting is also a thrilling activity on Alpine river that include the Rhine and the Saane.

There are many honeymoon travel packages in Switzerland that offer great array of activities along with your stay at very affordable prices for the honeymooners.

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